Suicide Cleanup Prices Narrative

I'm Eddie Evans and my suicide cleanup prices are "reasonable" because I have no employees, and I have over 17 years experience in the suicide cleanup business, the biohazard business. More, and most importantly, I do not pay Los Angeles County Sheriff-Coroner employees the standard 10 percent kickback fee for referring suicide victims families to my competitors.

You see, when a Los Angeles County Coroner's employees hands telephone numbers to the victim's loved one, the receive a 10 percent referral fee, a "kickback" just like in the real estate businiess. Only in the suicide cleanup business, it is against county and California state policy for county employees to profit from their tax payer supported employment. They should not use their county job for self-enrichment, but they do. How do I know? I've been i the suicide cleanup business for 17 years. Families have told me about this experience once they broke free of the cronyism in county employee referral scams.

Homeowners Insurance

It's the homeowners insurance that drives this county and suicide cleanup company cronyism. Without the homeonwers insurance, it would not be worth while for county employees to refer families to sucide cleanup companies. Look at my prices and you can see why, generally. With homeowners insurance, which is typically abused by suicide cleanup companies, there are thousands of dollars to charge; without it, suicide cleanup prices drop to what an honest carpet cleaning company might charge, which is what I charge, hundred to their thousands of dollars. I will grant that a few Los Angeles County suicide cleanup companies charge only $500 to $1,500 more than I charge for some suicide cleanup tasks, but not many and not often.

Here's the basis for their scams. To invoke homeowners insurance, some sort of structural damage must occur, something like damage to a wall, the floor, the ceilling, or all of these. In the majority of sucides, damage is restrictured to floors and walls, and usually it can be cleaned and sealed, if needed. What some of the more flagrant and abusinve suicide cleanup companies do is create damage to justify invoking the homeowners insurance and their scandalous suicide cleanup prices. Yes, of course, they do the same for homicide cleanup and unattended death cleanup, which suicide cleanup is but without the decompositions issues, usually.

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