Price Inputs for Suicide Cleaner Services

There are a number of variables for suicide cleanup services that go beyond the more noticeable cost of running a cleaning business.

First, let us consider those "normal" costs for running the suicide cleanup business. Like any business, owning this type of biohazard cleanup service requires insurance. Insurance for biohazard cleanup, vehicles, and Workmen's Compensation for employees adds to the cost of running the suicide cleanup company. Of course, this is no different than running any type of blood cleanup company.

Then there are costs for operations. These include the cost of vehicles, cleaning equipment, cleaning solutions, and cleaning tools.

Types of equipment used in the suicide cleanup business include augurs, generators, school souls, and other electric tools. Tools include scraping tools, carpet cutting tools, portable lights, hammers, rulers, sledgehammers, wheelbarrows, and the other tools used in the volition business. This is the case because suicide cleanup often involves demolition work. It is no different than other types of biohazard cleanup because human blood is considered a biohazard. Much of this information appears on this crime scene cleanup web site.

Cleaning solutions will also include cleaning disinfectants. Cleaning solutions will sometimes involve exotic cleaning chemicals, which I will not refer to here. I believe that the professional biohazard cleanup practitioner needs to clean for the toddler. Toddlers as we know spend much of their life on their bottom with their hands placed upon the floor and then in the mouth. So would not be a good idea to use exotic chemicals in any environment in which we expect toddlers to share their lives. As a consequence, in my suicide cleanup business I use over the counter chemicals. These chemicals include Simple Green, Zep citrus cleaner, and a host of other surfactants common to the carpet cleaning business. Of course we do not clean carpet in this business, we remove it for proper disposal.

Disinfectants in this business most often include common household bleach. There's nothing better than household bleach for killing bacteria. It seems reasonable that bleach also feels viruses. United States Centers for Disease Control claims that the 25% bleach to water solution will destroy blood-borne pathogens on nonporous surfaces when left to dwell for 20 minutes or so. With this in mind I use quite a bit of bleach another surfaces. Regular rubbing alcohol is found at places like target stores and other pharmacies helps with disinfecting as well. I use regular rubbing alcohol on surfaces as I exited dwelling place after cleaning for suicide cleanup.

Unknown Suicide Cleanup Expenses

For the general public, unknowing expenses for suicide cleanup include a 10% referral fee paid to corners employees, examiner employees and some regions of the country. This is pay because County corners employees, also known as Sheriff-corner employees, and monopolies over the direction families in need of suicide cleanup services go for service. I simply handing family members of a suicide victim telephone numbers to call, a County employee becomes a suicide cleanup broker. In such cases families are usually more than satisfied to receive such referrals. For them, they have no idea where to begin looking for suicide cleanup help. Of course they could go to the Internet, but in their condition they're not about the look on the Internet for help when he corners employee hands and the telephone number. After all, these are civil servants and some of them wear badges.

Who cares about suicide cleanup prices?

Of course family members who lost loved one the suicide care about suicide cleanup prices. Others with an interest in this obscure field of thought among a privileged population in the United States and other prosperous postindustrial nations, questioned the need for suicide cleanup to begin with. There is a need and the need for suicide cleanup services will increase as global warming increases.

Granted, at present there does not seem to be much demand for suicide cleanup. At present there does not seem to be much knowledge or care about global warming. But as the Earth's fever does increase, so too will climate deception. The inherent contradiction created by climate deception and a growing earth fever will have consequences. Among these consequences will be great numbers of immigrants. These numbers will Troy minimum-wage for labor. They will destroy affordable housing. The idea of affordable healthcare will naturally exist.

As these rapid social changes occur along with atmospheric and geological changes occurring, the meaning of life will change. The idea of "hope" becomes meaningless. People will ask, "how can we have hope when the seas are rising, the seas are turning to acid deathbeds for life, and we could not afford to live?".

Suicides must increase then. Suicides will increase first among the most noteworthy population for suicide, older white males. At present white males in the United States account for 73% of the suicides. We cannot explain exactly why this is so, but according to statistics By those interested in such social logical facts, this number does appear to be at risk for challenge from other demographic groups.

At present we know that families of white males are at higher risk for needing to pay for a suicide cleanup service and other demographic groups. It happens that in the past the Anglo-Saxon Protestant community has paid an unfair should share of suicide cleanup fees. This because members of this demographic group commit suicide more often than members of other demographic groups are it as noted above, white males account for roughly 73% of suicides in the United States; white women account for roughly 8. Compare this with black females, as the demographic group, who suicide attempts outnumber those by others, although black females have an extremely low percentage of suicides nationwide.

So we can see that the demographic group needing suicide cleanup services most often the subject to the rise and fall of suicide cleanup prices. These are the people who need to know what's going on the suicide cleanup prices.


Applying scientific methods to suicide gave us the field of study known as "suicidology." This is an offshoot of sociology. Sociology if you didn't know arose in the 19th century from philosophical studies. What happened to philosophy is that it began to branch out as more empirical knowledge became available to researchers. For example, mail Durkheim studied suicide methodically and systematically. He took known facts related to suicides in Paris France as found in the various newspapers.

He then quantified what he found. To quantify his material he used age, gender, religion, occupation, and other variables to quantify his findings and theories on suicide. This then gave rise to one notion of sociology. Not to change the subject, but the works of Karl Marx as found in his famous book entitled Capital (Das Kapital) gave rise to another branch of sociology. Although in the United States we don't like to tuck about Karl Marx or his branch of sociology.

In any event there are many different fields and disciplines involved in sociology. Likewise, there are many different fields and disciplines involved with suicidology. But there are two primary fields and these include psychology as well as sociology.

Meter should know that every year roughly 1 million people died by suicide. This gives the mortality rate for suicide at about per 100,000 or one death every 40 seconds. So this is a fairly large number of deaths for preventable deaths with right actions. Right actions include knowledge about suicide, as shared here.

You can also visit this Cypress crime scene cleanup web site for more information about professional cleaning and prices.

Suicidologists talk about the history of suicide as we find documented by courts, churches, press, morals, and society. So they have a fairly range wide of discussion. They know that in ancient Greece there were varying attitudes toward suicide that may deem shocking to most contemporary Americans. They know that in Greece suicide was tolerated and even lauded by philosophers and generals in the know. They did find suicide by the common people or slaves as revolting. They believe that these common people had a duty to society to help support it in material ways.

Like in Rome, suicide was viewed neutrally in some cases. Since with strike that since life had little value in general for the proletariat, suicide was seen as a little consequence. At least it was this way for a while. As Christianity grew within the ranks of the Roman empire, the issue of suicide would emerge as socially unacceptable. Suicide became socially unacceptable because labor was needed to grow food, and laborers would commit suicide in the hope of joining Jesus rather than suffering as they did during ancient periods of famine, war, and slave conditions. Excessive martyrdom, then, among Christians at frighten the church elders and they in turn created "sin" is a serious detriment to suicides.

This is when suicide becomes a crime in Western civilization. So today suicide remains a crime in most states of the United States, although of course the suicide victim cannot be held accountable for their suicide in all reasonable accounts. We know that the sixth commandment of the holy Bible commands that thou shall not kill. And this gives reason not to commit suicide. In fact, it was the great Thomas Aquinas who gave emphasis to the idea that suicide was a mortal sin. It disrupted God's power to oversee human life. But nowhere in the juvenile Christian Bible is there a directive for bidding suicide, and we must think that either suicide was not an issue with the holy scribes, or God did not see it as an important subject for the many books of the Bible.

Today people see suicide and more compassionate terms than in the past. Because in the past victims of suicide were scorned. Their families were also punished. As a result, suicide victims were not allowed to be buried in church grounds, which was a detriments to their arising from the grave on Jesus's return to planet Earth. For the family it meant shame. During the Middle Ages suicide victims families lost their claim to farmlands. All but the personal property became property of the ruling classes, the aristocracy is not the church.

So when we calculate the price of a suicide cleanup, or families to suicide itself became part of a more general use for the sense of suicide cleanup. Loss of community entitlement, loss of prestige, and loss of valuable assets for the cost of a family member suicide.

Suicide knowledge also delve into matters of partial self-destruction, suicidal ideation (thoughts), Paris suicide, and self-destructive behaviors and attitudes. It is quite a bit of material for Suicidologists to cover. Most of which would not have a bearing on why readers have reached this page on the Internet. In any case, suicidal ideation arises as people when their thoughts to committing suicide. Even showing suicidal gestures will raise the bar for inclusion in suicidology studies. Someone saying that "life is not worth living anymore" as we hear so much more often today gives rise to the thought of studying this idea. And then there's the extreme "I'm going to kill myself by jumping off a bridge" that ultimately gives to thoughts of studying the behavior of those who utter such things.

Paris suicide is when a person deliberately harms himself. For instance, taking an overdose of medicine and then surviving amounts to peer suicide. Then there self-destructive stuff like performing acts that lead to personal harm. Whether intentional or unintentional, that's behaviors fall under the purview of peer suicide studies.

What certain behaviors might the parasuicide include?

There are many examples, but most often we hear of alcoholism, risky sports, sexual disorders, and eating disorders. For example, we might ask ourselves questions related to eating disorders. We know now that there is a obesity epidemic worldwide. We know that in some southern states people or hundreds of pounds overweight and can barely waddle from their living room couch to a restroom. We know that people dying in the restroom on the toilet trying to defecate because they become so fat. There they may die an unattended death. They may decompose. All the while their behavior leading to this type of death reflected suicidal outcomes. A suicide cleanup too often follows.

Although suicides like obesity do not seem like overt attempts to kill oneself, the outcome is the same. Likewise with alcoholism and tobacco smoking. The outcomes are the same as obesity; they simply take more time for the final outcome. As such we do not consider deaths arising from these types of behavior as suicides. They do not compare with the shotgun blast in the mouth where that deep vertical razor cut in the soft underbelly of the forearm leading to bleed out.

Suicide notes often do not really tell us much about why suicide occurs. They may share concerns related to pets for unpaid bills. They may simply make statements that have very shallow meaning. They help a person explain, share some guilt, or forgive others.

Here are some possible reasons for suicide notes:

  • I need to have control over my death.
  • By killing myself I'm asking for forgiveness.
  • I need an absolute way out of this mess.
  • I'm uncertain about living any longer in this crazy world.
  • I'm at my wits end and don't know what to do next (an economic predicament perhaps).
  • I need to escape this terrible feeling of regret and remorse.
  • I'm doing this to benefit others. (Durkheim's altruistic suicide).I'm a terrible person do not deserve to live.
  • I'm tired of being hurt by these bullies.

Now, to a normal person, a person without overwhelming thoughts of suicide, the above examples left upon notes may not have any meaning. They are just simply comments left to explain fleeting thoughts suicide victim has at the moment that you death. Then again, they may hint at reasons for suicide. The last example given, "I'm tired of being hurt by these bullies" comes to mind. Juveniles school that are subject to bullies have no way out. At least they think they have no way out.

Even using the restroom becomes a moment of trial when the bowl is getting up on them. A simple lack like urinating or defecating becomes a moment of trial. Then there's the experience of shame teenagers suffer in their formative years. Especially during those years from roughly 13 to 18 years of age, teenagers have an inordinate degree of sensitivity to shame, embarrassment, and derision by others now with the growth of social media a teenagers momentary lapse of social niceties becomes cause for shaming by others. Difficult to continue with. It is the nature of teens in Western societies like the United States to have tender feelings. They become to subject to the changes in their bodies as new hormones kick in along with the sex drive. They have become victims to natures drive to reproduce in their own thoughts of failure among those deemed most important to them. Bowling has victims.


Sometimes talking with others helps to ease the pain and direct thoughts away from suicide. For some, this does the trick and the threat of suicide does not arise again.

With all that is said above in allusions to the idea that others wish to commit suicide by passing thoughts and behaviors, we might also keep in mind that many people fall into these categories never commit suicide. As a result we do not want to exaggerate the condition it but we do want to remain aware of it. In other words, we don't want to be accused of crying "wolf" when there are no wolves to be seen.

In those cases where a real issue arises, talking with others sometimes helps to defer the problem momentarily or at least until sometime in the future in which the future has changed mightily for the good.

Call the national suicide prevention lifeline at one – 800 – 273 – talk for call the national hotline network at one – 800 – suicide (one – 800 – 784 – 2433). These toll-free crisis hotline's offer 24 hour suicide prevention help. All calls are confidential.

How to talk to others about suicidal thoughts

Looking for someone to talk to about suicide often ends in failure. It's difficult for people in Western society to bring up the idea of suicidal thoughts. So it's important to broach the topic with some forethought. Here are some ideas:

Tell the other person just what you have in mind. Let them know about your plan. Tell them about your plan.

Phrases like "I can't take it anymore" or "I'm done" are two general. They do not tell the other person just how serious you are. You would need to tell the other person that you're actually talking suicide.

Sometimes the subject is too hard to talk about. In such cases writing a note to the other person helps. This helps get the conversation going. Even emails and texts will help get the idea out.

I once thought language arts, English, to ninth graders. Shortly after completing our class reading Romeo and Juliet, one of my better students made comments in her notebook about committing suicide. There I was. What was I going to do next? Should I talk to the student, should I try to talk to her parents, should I talk to the school counselors? All these arose and I even considered ignoring forgetting what I had read. But I could not. The student left this comment about committing suicide for me to read, for me to approach. As a result I went to the school counselor and she in turn followed up.

Student in the school for a short while in return. I never heard another word about it. The point is, the student used her notebook to write about suicidal thoughts. Keeping notebooks was a class requirement and it turned out it gave the student a moment to share some final thoughts.

It may be that student felt misunderstood. It may be that for some reason she felt that I was a person that might understand where she was at. Obviously I was the one person in her life that she wanted to know. So she called attention to her crisis of suicidal thoughts to her notebook, which he had good reason to believe I would read. My student felt that I would understand where others would not. In any case, notes to others to open up dialogue about suicide do help.